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November 22, 2002 - November 4, 2021
Forever 18

"Guys, Life Is Short, But Be Happy, Work Hard, And Make Your People Happy."

-Cade Reddington quote caught on video summer of 2020


The world lost an incredibly bright light when you left this world, Cade. You are deeply missed


Cade seemed to have an endless amount of exuberant energy and a love for connecting with others.  He had the biggest ear to ear grin and the best hugs.  He would light up any room he walked into and would talk to and make friends with anyone.   

We promise to carry your light forward, Cade, and ensure your life is making a difference and saving other's lives.  We know you still exist on the other side and someday will be able to tell us of all the lives that will have been saved by sharing your story and creating more awareness of fentanyl poisonings and that


We love you forever!!

Please click on all the links to learn more about the work being done in Cade's name.  



Warner Park Beach, Madison

"Guys, Life Is Short, But Be Happy"

Cade Chandler Reddington


We invite you to sit, reflect, watch the sunset, connect with Cade, and channel his beautiful light and energy to spread his joy and love into the world.

Cade's Bench Blessing

May the Lord bless this beautiful bench.

May His face shine upon all who sit here.

May this bench be a place where people come to connect with Cade and his Creator.

May it be a bench where we sit and are awestruck in wonder.

May it be a bench where we stop being busy and curiously ponder.

May it be a bench where dynamic energy can be found.

May it be a bench where creative inspiration abounds.

May it be a bench where dreams come alive.

And may it be a bench where relationships learn to thrive.

May the Lord bless this place.

May His favor be upon all who wander here.

May this be a place of rest and renewal.
May this be a place where kindness is plentiful.

May this be a place to harness some of Cade's abundant effervescence.

May this be a place to discover God's guiding Spirit.

May this be a place of love and joy.

And may this be a place of love and light.

May the sun shine on our faces every day as it dips below the glowing horizon.

May the light that radiates upon us remind us of both Cade's exuberant joy and God's unconditional love.

May this brilliant light be a reflective mashup of the bright rays that Cade shone and God gifted him.

May the sunsets be a source of peace and joy and be a beacon of hope for us all.

May the Lord bless this beautiful bench. Amen.

With gratitude to Sarah Stevens for writing this beautiful blessing.

Cade's bench is located at 1001 Woodward Avenue at Warner Park Beach, Madison facing Lake Mendota on the left side of the parking lot and of course facing the sunset.

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